Overseas Operation
We have three ocean going vessels. Our vessels are equipped to transport a wide array of cargos and provide a reliable global service to our customer's satisfaction.
We are in the process of monitoring the ocean going market. We hope to be expanding our fleet based on customer needs and market timing.


Domestic Transport and Management
Saito Shipping and Honda have had a long successful working relationship. Honda Logistics is responsible for carrying out high quality services and safe delivery of cars manufactured by Honda. This had led to efficient long term contracts between Honda and Saito Shipping.
The vessels trading area ranges from the main island of Japan to the southern island of Kyusu. Major areas such as Kanto, Yokkaichi, Hakata, Hiroshima, Sendai and smaller cities such as Tomakomai and Sakaide are frequentry rout.
By using our company motto "Safety, Efficiency and Punctually" as a guide for our performance we are able to deliver to our clients satisfaction.


Sea sand Sales
We belong to a number of sand association and unions that aid in the smooth distribution of sand. Our company has years of experience in sea sand mining, transporting, cleaning and the sales of our sand. Due to close ties with construction companies we are able to provide high quarity sand used in the construction of buildings, foundations and cement.


Hakata port Operation
Hakozaki Pier is located in Hakata bay on the island of Kyusyu. From Here we are able to combine Honda's land and sea operations. Upon arrival the vehicles are unloaded and stored in a large capacity parking garage built specifically for this purpose. Here they wait to be transported to legally authorized Honda dealers or shipped out to other areas where supply is needed.


Cement Sales
We use our own cement trucks, cranes and payloaders for transporting cement to various places throughout the island of Kyusyu. Cement operations is conveniently located about two kilometers from our wholesaler. This allow us to maximize time and efficiency for distribution to our clients.